Succulent in white gravel

What Is The Best Gravel For Houseplants? (Simple Guide!)

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to using gravel for houseplants. Choosing incorrectly could seriously damage your plants, but choosing well will keep your houseplant looking fresh and protect it from things like fungus gnats.  In this article, I am going to tell you exactly what the best gravel for […]

repotting plant using perlite as a drainage

What’s The Best Drainage For Indoor Plants? (Simple Guide)

Getting the drainage right for your indoor plants is critical if you want them to survive. Although there are many different materials and techniques to achieve good drainage, you don’t want to risk it, because the truth is some work much better than others. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly what […]

plant with humid leaves from humidifier

Does Any Humidifier Work for Plants? (Here’s the Truth!)

Recently, plant humidifiers have been growing in popularity as well as price, but do you REALLY need one? Most houseplants would benefit from increased humidity because our houses are drier than their natural environment, this is especially true for tropical plants. However, understanding the different types of humidifiers as well as buying a special plant […]

mini plant humidifier close to plant

7 Best Mini Plant Humidifiers (Simple Buying Guide!)

If you own tropical plants or your house is dry, plant humidifiers aren’t just useful, they are necessary! However, plant humidifiers can be expensive and noisy, not to mention that they aren’t very portable. Thankfully, mini plant humidifiers exist and they are a great alternative! They are cheap, portable and come in all shapes and […]

succulent in white pots in dark room

How Long Can Houseplants Go Without Light? With 30 Examples!

Have you got a rather dim home or are you moving houses and planning to keep your plants in a dark box for days on end?  Not many houseplants will tolerate getting no sunlight for long, so it is critical for the health of your houseplants to understand how long they can stay without sunlight […]

multiple types of houseplant fertilizer hold up by hands

8 Reasons Why Houseplants NEED Fertilizer (Explained!)

You have probably read everywhere that fertilizing your houseplants is very important. It is universally recommended for your plant’s health. However, you might also know that plants take all their required nutrients from the soil. So, when it comes to fertilizer, why do houseplants need it if they are so self-sufficient? In this article, I will […]

man and woman moving boxes and plant in cold winter

How to Transport Houseplants in Winter (Step by Step!)

Are you transporting houseplants during the colder winter months? If so, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration before you start. Keeping your plants warm is going to be critical to keeping them safe and ensuring they reach your destination in the same condition that they started in. There are […]

Woman misting hanging houseplant in winter

Should You Mist Houseplants in Winter? Here’s the Verdict!

Misting houseplants is a major element of a good care routine, but like all aspects of looking after a plant, you need to do it at the right time and in the right way. When winter comes, your plants will need less water anyway, so will misting do them more harm than good? In this […]

many perennial indoor plants on a orange background

13 Best Perennial Indoor Plants (& Easy Care Guide)

Perennials are plants that last year after year, and many houseplants will do this, rewarding you with flowers and foliage for a long time, provided you care for them properly. However, some perennials are easier to care for than others, and what if you want some less obvious choices?  Let’s find out more about the […]

giant plant nursery full with colourful houseplants

Where Do Houseplants Come From? (Solved and Explained!)

Have you ever wondered why we ended up keeping plants inside their homes? It seems like an odd practice. Our house is specifically intended to keep the natural world out, yet somehow, almost everyone you know owns a houseplant. In this article, I will tell you where houseplants come from, as well as a few […]

cheap hanging plant

10 Cheapest Hanging Indoor Plants (With Prices & Pictures!)

Hanging indoor plants are amazing. They will bring elegance and beauty to any room without taking up valuable space or creating clutter on your surfaces. In reality, while you can hang up pretty much any houseplant, some make for better hanging plants than others. The good news is, there are some great bargains out there […]