multiple types of houseplant fertilizer hold up by hands

8 Reasons Why Houseplants NEED Fertilizer (Explained!)

You have probably read everywhere that fertilizing your houseplants is very important. It is universally recommended for your plant’s health. However, you might also know that plants take all their required nutrients from the soil. So, when it comes to fertilizer, why do houseplants need it if they are so self-sufficient? In this article, I will […]

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man and woman moving boxes and plant in cold winter

How to Transport Houseplants in Winter (Step by Step!)

Are you transporting houseplants during the colder winter months? If so, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration before you start. Keeping your plants warm is going to be critical to keeping them safe and ensuring they reach your destination in the same condition that they started in. There are […]

Woman misting hanging houseplant in winter

Should You Mist Houseplants in Winter? Here’s the Verdict!

Misting houseplants is a major element of a good care routine, but like all aspects of looking after a plant, you need to do it at the right time and in the right way. When winter comes, your plants will need less water anyway, so will misting do them more harm than good? In this […]

houseplants leaves with ozone damage

Can An Ozone Generator Kill Houseplants? Solved & Explained

Ozone generators are devices designed to produce ozone. They are generally used to remove unpleasant and very persistent odours from homes or cars, with people even using them to get rid of plant pests. However, it is critical you understand the effect an ozone generator (or ozone) can have before you use it anywhere close […]

houseplants in cold winter window

Will Houseplants Grow in Winter? (& 8 Helpful Answers!)

If the cold days are drawing in, you might be looking at your houseplants and wondering whether they will continue growing during the cooler months, or whether they are going to stop entirely. Understanding if your houseplants will grow or not in winter as well as how to deal with it can save you a […]

adult cicada laying on a houseplant

Do Cicadas Eat Houseplants? (Solved and Explained!)

Cicadas have a bad reputation because of their appearence and loud songs. Sometimes, these giant insects can even get into the house or garden and understanding the impact they can have on your houseplants is very important. In this article, I will tell you exactly if cicadas will eat or harm your houseplants in any […]

peppermint oil and peppermint plant on a table

Will Peppermint Oil Hurt Houseplants? & 7 Helpful Answers

Peppermint oil has seemingly limitless uses around the home, but before you go and use it on your houseplants, you need to make sure it’s completely safe. In this article, I will tell you if peppermint oil can hurt your houseplants, and also how to use it. Here’s if Peppermint Oil Can Hurt Houseplants: P​eppermint […]

Will bleach kill houseplants? bleach spray sitting near houseplants

Will Bleach Kill Houseplants? (With Helpful Answers!)

Bleach has many household uses with people even using it for their houseplants, but that can be dangerous. If you have accidentally spilt bleach on your houseplants or you are thinking of it as a fungicide or insecticide, I will tell you everything you need to know to avoid unnecessary damage. Firstly, Here’s if Household Bleach […]

Do plants need to be by the window? houseplant in a window with curtains

Do Houseplants Need to Be by the Window? (For Beginners!)

If you’re filling your home with houseplants, one of the things that you need to think about is the positioning – and this isn’t just about what looks great to you. Your plants are dependent on getting the right amount of sunlight on a daily basis, and where you put them will make a big […]

Do houseplants like acidic water? houseplant in golden pot with white kettle

Do Houseplants Like Acidic Water? (& 8 Helpful Answers)

Some kinds of houseplants require acidic conditions in order to thrive, and if you’re trying to get a particular houseplant to grow, the pH of the water may make a surprising difference. Understanding acidic water can save you a lot of frustration and help your plants thrive. So, in this article, I will tell you […]