Do indoor plants need drainage holes? cactus in clay pot being watered

Do Indoor Plants Need Drainage Holes? Explained For Beginners

If you have a few houseplants lying around in your home and you are a beginner in plant care, you might be wondering what are those tiny holes at the bottom of plant pots? If drainage holes are such a big deal, why do some pots have them while other don’t? More importantly, do indoor […]

How to make indoor plants leaves shine? red shiny indoor plant in plant pot

How To Make Indoor Plants Leaves Shine? (Without Chemicals!)

Anyone who has indoor plants has, at times, wondered how to increase or bring back the shine of their leaves. If you’re struggling with plants that look dusty and dull, you might be wondering how can I make my indoor plant leaves shine? A plant’s leaves are usually naturally shiny, and if they’re looking dull, […]

How To Revive A Plant That Dried Out? very dry plant with dry soil in green pot

How To Revive A Plant That Dried Out? 9 Easy Steps Explained

If you’ve accidentally left a plant unwatered for too long and it has gone dry and crispy, you might be wondering if you can save it. Sometimes, the problem of drying out can come from too much sun or from over-watering (yes, that can make your plant dry out because rotten roots can’t soak up […]

Can You Grow Plants In Your Car? succulent plants growing in cupholders of black car

Can You Grow Plants In Your Car? (Great Tips For Beginners!)

Have you ever wanted to turn your car into a green space?
You may be wondering what challenges lie in growing a bit of flora inside your vehicle, and whether it’s possible to have happy, healthy plants that travel with you.

Undoubtedly, there are some big difficulties to overcome, but what if you’re determined and dedicated, is it possible to grow plants in your car?