Can smoking kill plants? small succulent in white point with lighted cigarette balancing on top of it

Smoking And Plants: 7 Important Facts You Should Know!

If you smoke, someone in your household smokes, or a neighbor in an apartment block smokes, you might be wondering whether the cigarette smoke or the cigarettes could be harmful to your green friends. We know smoking it’s not good for people, so what about your plants? It might sound strange but smoking can harm […]

Is Urine Good for Houseplants? houseplant near white toilet

Is Urine Good For Houseplants? Explained For Humans & Pets!

If you’re looking at ways to fertilize your houseplants, you might be wondering whether urine is a good idea, and what kind of urine you should use if you’re going to use it. There can be some dire consequences to it, so make sure you do your homework before using urine on random plants around […]

Is Boiled Tap Water Good For Plants? pot boiling water for plants

Is Boiled Tap Water Good For Plants? (How To Make It Safe)

You may have heard that some plants don’t like tap water and that it can even kill them – which is a bit of a problem for anyone who has a lot of houseplants and wants to water them easily, cheaply, and efficiently. It can be expensive to buy water specifically for your plants, and […]

Is sugar water good for houseplants? two plant pots near sugar water

Is Sugar Water Good For Houseplants? Facts You Should Know!

If you’re keeping houseplants, you might be looking for the best way to give them a boost, whether they’re sick or healthy; after all, a plant can always grow better and more beautiful!

You may have heard about sugar water as a means of feeding your plant and enhancing its growth, and might be wondering is sugar water good for houseplants?