Do houseplants need fresh air? houseplant getting fresh air on a opened window

Do Houseplants Need Fresh Air? (Solved & Explained!)

People worry about sunlight and water with their houseplants, but they forget to take fresh air into account. After all, outdoor plants are supplied with a constant flow of fresh air, and indoor plants have very limited access to this. Here’s If Houseplants Really Need Fresh Air: Indoor plants do need to be given fresh […]

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Are worms in houseplants bad? grub worm living in a plant pot

Are Worms In Houseplants Bad? (Prevention & Treatment!)

If you keep houseplants and you’ve found worms in the soil, you might be concerned, and rightfully so! In this article, I will tell you exactly how bad worms in the soil can be and also how to avoid unnecessary damage to your plants. But First, Here’s If Worms In Houseplants Are Actually Bad: Worms […]

Are houseplants perrenials or annuals? houseplant cactus with pink flowers

Are Houseplants Perennials Or Annuals? (Explained!)

It’s always good to learn everything you can about your houseplants, and understanding what kind of plants you have will make sure you don’t get an unpleasant surprise next winter. So, Are Houseplants Considered Perrenials Or Annuals: Houseplants can be annuals or perennials, it all depends upon the plant species. Some houseplants will only live […]

Do all plants flower? purple flower with butterfly on it

Do All Plants Flower? (Explained For Beginners!)

Most people say that looking at flowers or smelling them makes them happier. In fact, there is scientific proof saying so. Another crazy fact is that Carnivorous plants flower! But sometimes, it’s not easy to make your plant flower…and sometimes, it won’t flower at all!  In this article, I will tell you exactly which plants […]

Do indoor plants need drainage holes? cactus in clay pot being watered

Do Indoor Plants Need Drainage Holes? Explained For Beginners

If you have a few houseplants lying around in your home and you are a beginner in plant care, you might be wondering what are those tiny holes at the bottom of plant pots? If drainage holes are such a big deal, why do some pots have them while other don’t? More importantly, do indoor […]

How to make indoor plants leaves shine? red shiny indoor plant in plant pot

How To Make Indoor Plants Leaves Shine? (Without Chemicals!)

Anyone who has indoor plants has, at times, wondered how to increase or bring back the shine of their leaves. If you’re struggling with plants that look dusty and dull, you might be wondering how can I make my indoor plant leaves shine? A plant’s leaves are usually naturally shiny, and if they’re looking dull, […]