mini plant humidifier close to plant

7 Best Mini Plant Humidifiers (Simple Buying Guide!)

If you own tropical plants or your house is dry, plant humidifiers aren’t just useful, they are necessary! However, plant humidifiers can be expensive and noisy, not to mention that they aren’t very portable. Thankfully, mini plant humidifiers exist and they are a great alternative! They are cheap, portable and come in all shapes and […]

many perennial indoor plants on a orange background

13 Best Perennial Indoor Plants (& Easy Care Guide)

Perennials are plants that last year after year, and many houseplants will do this, rewarding you with flowers and foliage for a long time, provided you care for them properly. However, some perennials are easier to care for than others, and what if you want some less obvious choices?  Let’s find out more about the […]

cheap hanging plant

10 Cheapest Hanging Indoor Plants (With Prices & Pictures!)

Hanging indoor plants are amazing. They will bring elegance and beauty to any room without taking up valuable space or creating clutter on your surfaces. In reality, while you can hang up pretty much any houseplant, some make for better hanging plants than others. The good news is, there are some great bargains out there […]

pitcher plant

10 Cheapest RARE Houseplants (With Prices & Pictures!)

Nowadays, everyone has houseplants and most people stick to the same species. But what if you are looking for something else? If you to fill your home with some rarer plants, you are unfortunately going to be looking at quite a high cost.  One option you might not be aware of is going for medium […]

hanging indoor plants in full sun

10 Best Full Sun Indoor Hanging Plants (& Easy Care Guide)

Are you looking for plants that will love hanging up in the full sun? It can be tricky to find plants that will thrive in the full sun because so many of them are vulnerable to burning, and you don’t want to end up with plants that have burnt, crispy leaves. Either you want to […]

buying houseplant in winter from nursery

Should You Buy Houseplants In Winter? Here’s the verdict!

Have you been looking at houseplants lately and wondering whether winter is a good time of year for buying? When buying something as tender as a houseplant, it’s important you take seasons into account. In this article, I will help you decide if you should buy houseplants in winter or avoid it and wait for […]

man watering houseplant with distilled water

15 Houseplants That Need Distilled Water (A Complete List!)

If you are trying to offer your houseplants the maximum care and attention, you need to know which plants hate tap water. Many plants are fine with tap water, but it can do some serious damage to some specimens that are more delicate, especially if you live in an area where the water is full […]

houseplants being replanted in vermiculite

10 Houseplants That Love Vermiculite (With Pictures!)

Vermiculite is a mineral with some truly unique properties. It retains water and nutrients, slowly releasing them over time, and also has the added benefit of aerating the soil of your plants.  However, not all houseplants benefit from it. In this article, we will go over the top 10 houseplants that love vermiculite and exactly […]

houseplants do thrips attack ficus elastica with thrip damage

10 Houseplants That Thrips Like (& 8 They Hate!)

Thrips are common houseplants pests and having dealt with them many times in the past, I can tell you they can be deadly. However, what most people don’t take into account is that there are houseplants that are highly susceptible to thrips, and those could endanger your other plants. In this article, I will show […]