Do Plants Feel Pain When Cut? Critical Facts You Should Know!

In recent years, we have become more and more aware of how extraordinarily complex and amazing plants are – and that may lead to the question about whether or not they can feel pain. After all, most other living organisms can. So, do plants feel pain when cut?  Nobody knows for sure whether plants can […]

Why Are Houseplants Addictive? 14 Signs To Look For!

It seems as if we all have that one thing that we can’t get enough of. For some, it’s shoes, or something collectible, like teacups. And for some, it’s something with a little more personality; houseplants.
So, why are houseplants so addictive?

Can plants kill you at night?

I was having a chat over a glass of wine with my neighbor out the other day, the usual. She was asking me how I have the time to take care of so many plants. She told me that during the night plants take in oxygen, so her concern was that my plants were taking oxygen out of the room at night-time and they could go so far as to choke me in my sleep.

Is it true? Can plants kill you at night?

Can Plants Grow Without Sunlight? The Answer Might Surprise You

We’re all familiar with the fact that plants need sunlight to survive. You’ve heard it since you were a little child everywhere, some of us even did cool little projects in school that proves it. Most of us can even remember the basics of how a plant survives and why it needs sunlight in order to do so. But is it true? Can plants grow without sunlight?

Can Plants Get Drunk? Common Accidents & Solutions!

I know most of us enjoy a glass of wine when the workday is over. Sometimes, we enjoy more than one, am I right? Well, don’t feel guilty about it, we are not the only ones. As it turns out, a lot of animals enjoy the relaxation that comes with alcohol too. Some go out of their way to eat fermented fruit and have a good time.

But what about our houseplants?

Do Plants Get Lonely? (All You Need To Know!)

I am not sure if you have pets, but if you do, you probably experienced the awesome feeling of that little creature missing you. If you have a dog, it’s enough for you to go to the bathroom and you’ll be missed. Pets can get lonely and bored.

People also get lonely, but an interesting thing to ponder is, do plants get lonely?