Are houseplants perrenials or annuals? houseplant cactus with pink flowers

Are Houseplants Perennials Or Annuals? (Explained!)

It’s always good to learn everything you can about your houseplants, and understanding what kind of plants you have will make sure you don’t get an unpleasant surprise next winter. So, Are Houseplants Considered Perrenials Or Annuals: Houseplants can be annuals or perennials, it all depends upon the plant species. Some houseplants will only live […]

Are houseplants really a hobby? hands taking care of haging houseplant

Are Houseplants Really A Hobby? (& How To Explain It!)

Houseplants are always increasing in popularity, and many people spend a lot of time on caring for their houseplants. Even so, many people still don’t understand why you would keep houseplants. In this article I will tell you all about the houseplant hobby and how to explain it. Are Houseplants Are Considered A Hobby Or […]

Do all plants flower? purple flower with butterfly on it

Do All Plants Flower? (Explained For Beginners!)

Most people say that looking at flowers or smelling them makes them happier. In fact, there is scientific proof saying so. Another crazy fact is that Carnivorous plants flower! But sometimes, it’s not easy to make your plant flower…and sometimes, it won’t flower at all!  In this article, I will tell you exactly which plants […]

Can Plants Survive Without Humans (Or Animals?)

Have you ever wondered if plants need help from humans in order to survive? We know that plants don’t depend on us for food, but do they depend on us for other things, or would they manage just fine if all the humans (and animals) disappeared from the world tomorrow? So, can plants survive without […]

Why are houseplants important? Person holding 3 houseplants

Why Are Houseplants Important? (13 Reasons You Should Know!)

Have you ever wondered why we keep plants inside? It’s work, it’s sometimes disappointing because they die, and it can be frustrating trying to deal with plants that seem sickly no matter what we do. However, we get a lot of pleasure from plants, and most people have at least a few. Why are houseplants […]

What Happens If A Plant Loses Its Leaves? Bonsai tree in blue pot losing it's leaves

What Happens If A Plant Loses Its Leaves? (Explained!)

Have you ever wondered what happens if a plant loses its leaves? We all know that plants depend on their leaves for the production of food through photosynthesis. 

So what happens when plants lose their leaves in some way? Can they live through it, or will they always die?

How do Indoor plants know what season it is? Solved!

How Do Indoor Plants Know What Season It Is? Solved!

How do your plants know to flower in summer and – if appropriate to the plant type – turn dormant in winter? Inside a house, the plant has fewer clues to guide it on the seasons, but it can still tell what time of year it is.
How do indoor plants know what season it is?

Do TVs affect plants? plants sitting near tvs

Do TVs Affect Plants? 9 Plants You Can Keep Next To The TV

If you’ve got a TV and you’re thinking about the first steps in plant care, you’re probably wondering what things you should keep away from your plants to ensure that they are as healthy as they can be.

You might be looking at your television set and wondering whether it could possibly do harm to your plant, and how far from it your plant needs to stand?