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Best Garden Centers For Indoor Plants (In Every US State!)

Online plant shopping has increased in popularity, but the truth is it will never compare to the real deal.

Either you searching for a rare indoor plant or for an all round family experience, there are some amazing garden centers all across the US, you just have to find them.

To avoid you any frustration, our team has spend weeks compiling some of the best garden centers for indoor plants all across the country!

Here Are The Best For Every State:

Table of Contents


Harwell’s Green Thumb Nursery

If you’re looking for fruit trees, bulbs, soil, herbs, bird feeders, or anything else, Harwell’s is a great place to stop off and get what you need.

Situated in Montgomery, it has an enormous range of plants, including shrubs, vegetable seeds and vegetable plants, and a whole lot more. It also stocks hardscaping to make your garden look great.

Myers Plants And Pottery

Opened in 1971 and with a Google rating of 4.7, Myers Plants and Pottery has pond accessories, shrubs, trees, fish, gifts, planters, and more.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to suit here, with an amazing array of plants. Originally an antique store, it has a certain old-world charm that you’ll love!


Faltz Nursery

Faltz is located in Anchorage and it’s the biggest garden center in Alaska. Whether you need landscaping services, shrubs, trees, ferns, bedding plants, or pottery, you’ll find it at Faltz.

However be aware that they are oriented more towards outdoor plants rather than to indoor plants. So although though they still offer plenty of choices, you won’t find the rarest tropical plants at Faltz.

Their prices are pretty good too.

Alaska Nursery

With perennials, trees and shrubs, and a wide range of trees, Alaska Nursery is focused on providing plants that will thrive in the cold weather, and this makes them an ideal place to stop for all of your gardening requirements.

Similarly to Faltz, they are more oriented towards outdoor perennials but they also have a great indoor plant lineup.

They have been around for more than 20 years and have a strong reputation for great prices!


Whitfill Nursery

This family-owned garden center has been operating for 60 years and has a great, welcoming atmosphere.

It offers seasonal plants and trees, and even runs a radio show where guests can call in with gardening questions.

The supportive approach sets this nursery apart from the others and makes it perfect for newbie gardeners.


If you’re looking for some more unusual plants, this might be the first place on your list. It specializes in rare plants, aquaponics, and sustainable growing.

EcoGro has a very large variety of unusual plants and they have a particularly large selection of succulents. They also offer unusual soil mixes, and everything you need for an aquaponics system.

EcoGro has been selling online since 2021, but if you live in the area and want some unusual indoor plants, I highly recommend paying them a visit


The Good Earth Garden Center

An award-winning option with 4.7 on Google and over 150 reviews , this garden center focuses on sustainability, and offers events to the public as well as plants.

Whether you want herbs, vegetables, shrubs, or ornamental plants, you’ll find the perfect thing for you right here.

You can also buy bulk pea gravel, river rock, and more.


Green Thumb Nurseries

A family-owned option, Green Thumb Nurseries really has the full range; both outdoor plants and indoor plants are available, along with patio furniture, home decor, fake plants, containers, and garden statues.

Although they are now a chain of nurseries, Green Thumb is far from your run-of-the-mill plant store offering very high quality indoor plants and services in all of their 6 California stores.

You can even order online.


Tagawa Gardens

Tagawa Gardens has been operating since 1982 and it’s a family run business.

With many classes and events on offer, Tagawa is an engaging experience that also provides coaching services to help you make your garden perfect.

It has garden supplies, and also sells luxury food, including local honey and seasonal produce that has been grown locally.

Tagawa Gardens is pet friendly, so you are free to visit with your dog or cat. They even have a cat as their  mascot!


Operating for over 60 years, Echter’s has everything you could need, including tropical plants, fruit trees, garden decor, planting services, and even plant doctors.

Dogs are welcome provided they are leashed and well behaved.


Woodland Gardens

It won’t surprise you that this nursery sells trees and shrubs, but it also stocks pots, tools, and things like vegetables, perennials, roses, and more.

Edible plants are given a whole category, and if you’re getting into this growing trend, they also have advice about it on their website.

You can check the references section down below for Woodland Gardens website.

Stonehedge Landscaping

Cleverly named, this garden center provides landscaping and hardscaping services, along with trees and shrubs, flowers of all varieties, and bird supplies.

It stocks a wide variety of feeders, tools, firewood, equipment, and plants of every kind.


Gateway Garden Center

For those who want to focus on native plants, Gateway Garden Center is a great place to visit. It provides plants that will thrive well in the local climate, and feed local insects and animals.

You can print a list from the site and have staff in the store help you find them.

You can also attend workshops and events with many different themes.


Busy Bee Lawn And Garden Center

Busy Bee is located in Vero Beach and they are known for their great prices.

If you want somewhere that you can learn about gardening as well as buy plants, this is the one for you – they offer classes as well as plenty of gardening supplies.

It has been offering since 1978 and it has a wide selection of aroids and other tropical plants.

Lindley’s Garden Center

Operating since 1972, this center has everything you could need, with amazing plants, pottery, fertilizers, and more.

The variety on offer is superb, with succulents, many outdoor options, and highly knowledgeable staff to tell you anything you need to know.

The customer service is excellent, as a 4.8 Google rating from over 150 reviews can attest.


Garden Hood

If you love quaint places with charm and mystery, this is the garden center for you.

Garden Hood is home to one the rarest selection of indoor plants you can find. It’s tucked into Grant Park, and is abound with edibles, including fruiting trees, edible shrubs, vegetables, and herbs.

There are a few things you should be aware though before planning a visit.

Although they have very high quality plants, they don’t accept returns of live plants under any circumstance.

Also, parking can also get pretty busy in the spring or summer so it’s best if you plan ahead.

The Family Tree Garden Center

With landscape designs, houseplants galore, and home decorating items, The Family Tree Garden Center has all you could need.

It’s got a particularly attractive aesthetic, and inside the Center you will find the Peter Pike Museum, which is a tribute to the famous William Pike, who founded the Pike Family Nurseries.

This little piece of history shows the family’s pride in their gardening past, and whether you’re shopping for fruit trees, houseplants, potting mixes, flowers, or something else, you’ll find it here.

It’s not the cheapest option, but it certainly goes the extra mile.


Koolau Farmers

If you’re looking for affordability, you’ll appreciate the weekly specials of this garden center, which is focused on edibles.

Whether you want vegetables or fruit trees, you’ll find them here, alongside everything you could need in terms of soil and flowers.


FarWest Garden Center

With classes, landscaping, and a wide range of plants, FarWest certainly serves a range of needs. You can also purchase fountains, and the knowledgeable staff will be able to help with all your planting questions.

It isn’t the cheapest garden center out there, but the experience is superb.


Effinger Garden

Another garden center offering some great workshops to help you make the most from your garden, Effinger has an enormous range of plants, including edibles, and also provides soils and fertilizers to keep your garden blooming.

Effinger Garden Center has been operating for over 40 years and has legendary customer service, a 4.8 on Google and 4.9 on Facebook.


Heller Nursery

This is a garden center with charm and quirkiness, and the atmosphere doesn’t disappoint.

The collection of plants is eclectic and the experience is magical.

It is mostly made up of greenhouses, with some outdoor plants, and the range offers some particularly unique specimens.

The prices are also very reasonable.

Sundown Gardens

Sundown Gardens is a truly spectacular nursery, both as looks as well as customer service.

Whether you need property maintenance, landscape design, or just a few flowers for your garden, this is a great place to visit.

It has been operating for 70 years and has a knowledgeable team, as well as some truly stunning indoor and outdoor plants.


Early May Garden Center

With a great gift shop, articles on growing your own food, a wide range of plants, insect and bird houses, landscape design, landscape installation, potting, delivery, pest identification services, and more.

This garden center really is there to serve every outdoor need!

Green Acres Garden Center

If you’re looking for reasonable prices and an enormous variety of plants, Green Acres is the place for you.

It has 6 acres of land, plenty for offering a huge number of different plants, plus Christmas ornaments, good pumpkins, and something for every occasion!

The staff particularly set this place apart, but unfortunately, there are no warranties on the trees, which is a shame.


Grassland Gardens

If you love a garden center that specializes, this is definitely one to add to your list, and the order of the day is amazing grasses.

The center also has many eco-friendly shrubs that focus on feeding native species.

Visit the gardens for the pure pleasure of seeing all the insects thriving, or for ideas on how to turn your own garden into a feeding hub.


King’s Garden Center

If you’re looking for a wide variety, King’s has everything you could need, and friendly staff alongside.

They stock some wonderful fairy gardens that are perfect if you want to get little ones engaged in growing. They also offer tree installations and landscape design.


garden center with lake

Louisiana Nursery

Louisiana Nursery was founded in 1983 in Baton Rouge and through amazing value and great customer experience, it has climbed into the top 10 largest independent nurseries in the South.

It is also considered into the top 50 largest nurseries in the US, which is no small feat.

Louisiana Nursery has a wide range of tropical plants, as well as plenty of fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers.

The selection is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is knowledgeable, well worth a visit.

D’s Garden Center

D’s Garden Center is also in Baton Rouge, and it offers a totally different experience than Louisiana Nursery.

It’s smaller and more intimate if that suits your vibe better.

D’s offers deliveries and pickups, landscaping services, bulk options, and a wonderful range of bedding plants. The staff is exceptionally good and the selection of trees is excellent.



Whatever you are looking for in the way of plants, you’ll find it at Estabrook’s. With vegetables, perennials, shrubs, grasses, fruit trees, annuals, bulbs, and more, they have something for every customer.

A family-owned business, they also provide planting services and consultations, plus fresh flower delivery.



As the name suggests, this is the place for all your eco needs, so if you’re looking to transform your yard into a haven for the planet, look no further.

The plants are mostly locally grown, and you’ll find a range of eco products, such as bio-logs, composters, rain barrels, and more.

Recycling services for plastic pots are also offered.


Russell’s Garden Center

If you’re looking for affordability, knowledgeable staff, and a huge range of garden products, Russell’s is perfect.

It stocks indoor and outdoor plants, bird items, flowers, garden decor, gifts, toys, and more.

It also has a farmer’s market!

Pemberton Farms & Garden Center

For those wanting to buy wine alongside their flowers, this is the perfect place to visit.

It provides gift baskets, meat, deli products, cheese and more – and of course, gardening tools and plants.

There’s a wide range of bedding plants, plus shrubs, houseplants, and more.

Pemberton’s is a staple of plant aficionados in Massachusetts, with 4.7 on Google and almost 1000 reviews!


Jonker’s Garden

A locally-owned large garden center, this has 16 full greenhouses, plus outdoor space and more.

The staff will provide help and advice, and most of the plants are grown on-site or sourced within 20 miles – so this is a great eco option.

They also offer flowers for all occasions, plus a custom potting service.


Otten Bros.

With a special “bee club” and supplies for beekeepers, Otten Bros. is immediately making an eco effort, and it also provides classes, plus all you could need for your garden in terms of compost, many indoor plants such as cacti, and a whole range of trees.

Heidi’s GrowHause & Lifestyle Gardens

For annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, and more, Heidi’s is ideal. It has a great selection for shady yards, and a plethora of tropical plants to choose from.

If you’re fed up with seeing the same things over and over at the big box stores, you’ll love Heidi’s.

At the time of writing, Heidi’s Google rating is 4.7, too low if you ask us.


Madison Garden Center

Whether you want furniture, bird food, pesticides, statues, or just a great range of bright plants, this is the garden center for you.

It is more expensive than some of the big box stores, but offers a knowledgeable and unique service.


For all your lawn and garden care needs, Hutto’s is an ideal place. It provides useful items throughout the year, and has a huge range of vines, trees, soils, and more.

There’s also a service for shelling pecan nuts, a tool sharpening service, and soil delivery options.

Furthermore, the store provides bedding plants, bulk seeds, hardware, canned goods, and an enormous selection of plants.


Heartland Nursery And Garden Center

If you want somewhere you can take your dog, Heartland is an ideal place to stop, and it has grown from a fruit stand in 1972 to a facility with 80,000 square feet.

The prices are reasonable and you get a 1 year warranty on trees. Whether you want plants, garden decor, or bird food, you’ll find something for you!


Plant Land

The name says it all: this is 1 acre of plants to choose from! The place stocks many varieties of healthy plants and has helpful, knowledgeable staff.

You can sign up for events such as farm-to-table dinners and workshops on creating hanging baskets, and there’s a large gift shop for all your gifting needs!

Bitterroot Nursery

For those looking for local knowledge and a personal touch, Bitterroot Nursery is ideal.

Bitterroot is situated in between Hamilton and Corvallis, in a beautiful location surrounded by mountains.

It is only small so the variety is limited, but you’ll get excellent customer service and lots of local knowledge.


Campbell’s Nursery

With a great variety of flowering plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees, Campbells Nursery stands out from the big box stores, although it is a little more expensive.

It offers landscaping services, grasses and lawn care, pottery, supplies for houseplants, holiday goods, some great succulents, and more!

Canoyer Garden Center

If you’re looking for a range of garden-themed gifts, Canoyer is perfect, as it stocks cushions, quirky pots, garden art, ornaments, and more.

There are some great events, such as pumpkin painting, and they have a huge range of plants.


Rail City

For a truly wide ranging selection that runs from aquatics and indoor plants to landscaping supplies and pesticides, Rail City is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of gardening needs.

It has been running since 1996 and hosts The Garden Show radio program. It’s got a great atmosphere and is very family oriented.

Greenhouse Garden Center

With a gift shop, plenty of event days, and a range of plants, this aesthetic center is a great one to visit. It offers plants that will grow particularly well in the Nevada climate, so you know that your purchases will thrive.

Landscaping services are also on offer.

New Hampshire

Wentworth Greenhouses

Boasting seasonal plants, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, aquatic plants, houseplants, and all the products you need to keep these things alive, Wentworth is a great option for keen gardeners.

It’s large enough to have excellent variety and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s also affordable, even for plants that are in high demand.

Wentworth Greenhouses is one of the best garden centers you can find across the US and has a Google rating of 4.9 at the time of writing.

New Jersey

The Farm At Green Village

Visiting The Farm At Green Village is a worthwhile experience even if you don’t want any indoor plants.

If you want your garden center trip to be a day out in itself, you’ll love this place; you can see live peacocks, and rabbits on the grounds, plus ducks and swans on the water, and a riot of flowers and plants in all directions.

Whether you want vegetables, garden supplies, containers, houseplants, or something else, they can supply it – and there are over 30 acres filled with things to choose from.

There’s also a koi pond to relax alongside, so this is a great day out for kids.

New Mexico

Petree Garden Center

This is the biggest and oldest nursery in New Mexico, and it’s well worth a visit.

It is perfect if you’re living in USDA zone 4, as it specializes in hardy plants that will flourish here, including grasses, vegetables, fruit trees, and more.

The garden center also offers landscaping and floristry. It has an amazing range of supplies for terrariums, too.

New York

Chelsea Garden Center

For anyone looking for amazing pots, the Chelsea Garden Center has a lot to offer.

It provides fiber-clay, glazed pottery, and resin in the form of lightweight planters that look lovely in the garden or the home.

It also has many plants to choose from, and has been running (in various locations) since 1984.

This garden center also offers rentals on some items, which is an unusual service!

Hick’s Nurseries

From artificial Christmas trees to outdoor furniture, from pottery to plants, and from seasonal decor to lawn care, Hick’s has it all.

No matter what you are looking for, it can work magic in your outdoor spaces.

You can also buy custom planters to make your garden totally unique, and their site has many educational resources for beginners to use.

North Carolina

Fairview Garden Center

Fairview is beautiful just for a visit, strolling among the acres of trees and flowers, but it also offers a fantastic range of options for its customers, including seasonal plants, annuals and perennials, and shrubs and trees.

Its services include container design, wreath design, consultations, and more. 

Big Bloomers Flower Farm

As the name suggests, this is a great place to visit for a vast range of bright flowers, but it also stocks some unusual shrubbery, metalwork, pottery, and more.

Plus, if you love cats, this place has an adorable feline named Alley that is the focal point of their website and shows off the family friendly atmosphere beautifully.

North Dakota

Cashman Nursery And Landscaping

Whether you are looking for landscaping design or materials, ornamental trees, seasonal items, bare root plants, bedding plants, or something else, Cashman can deliver.

The family has been in the nursery business for 4 generations.

It can be a bit expensive, but the staff is knowledgeable and it’s a picturesque place to visit!

Sheyenne Gardens

With a huge variety of shrubs and trees, Sheyenne Gardens has something for everyone, and the plants are all healthy and strong.

They sell succulents and bedding plants, and if you’re looking for more unusual options, this is a great place to try.

If you are close enough, Sheyenne’s takes the cake in North Dakota as the rating of 4.9 from almost 100 people demonstrates and we highly recommend it.


Wilson’s Garden Center

Operating since 1958 as vegetable sellers, Wilson’s has since grown to cater to a wide range of clientele, and offers a great variety of plants.

It sells houseplants and outdoor plants, lots of edibles, foodstuff, pottery, shrubs, toys, and statues.

The prices and customer service are excellent.


TLC Garden

If you are looking for color and a garden center that gives back, TLC is full of bright flowers and offers a military discount year round.

It has some superb heat loving annuals that will fill your garden with vibrancy, and it has all the usual supplies to ensure your gardening needs are met.


Garden World

For individuals who are passionate about locally grown options, Garden World is your new best friend.

It has 10 acres of local plants and provides many varieties that aren’t usually available to the public. There are more than 15,000 options and the prices are great.


Herbein’s Garden Center

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find an excellent selection at Herbein’s, which is organized, professional, and has superb collections. There are perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, vines, roses, and more.

They also offer beekeeping supplies and raised bed planters.


Operating since 1962, Ashcombe has all you could need in terms of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more.

There’s a lovely cafe to visit and a bakery with ice cream, plus a gift shop and various family friendly events.

There’s also a great selection of items for garden ponds, as well as a fish pond and a few rabbits to keep little ones entertained.

Rhode Island

Wildwood Garden Center

Founded in 1976, Wildwood is a family-run business that has an excellent variety of plants, garden supplies, planters, and more.

You can opt for a planter service, get planting tips, and enjoy the display gardens to spark your imagination at any time of the year, with spring flowers and Christmas lights keeping things cheerful month after month.

South Carolina

Woodley’s Garden Center

Whether you’re looking for prizewinning roses, lawn fertilizer, compost, or vegetables, you’ll find it at Woodley’s.

They also offer landscape design, plant repotting services, plant rentals, deliveries, and installations, so if you want to enjoy greenery without spending too much time on it, they’re an ideal option.

Flowertown Garden Center

Flowertown was established in 2010 and it’s located in Summerville.

As you might expect, there are wonderful flowers at Flowertown, but you can also get mulches, native plants, trees, flagstones, and more here. The selection is truly amazing and the service is also top-notch.

If you are planning a visit, be aware that Flowertown Garden Center has a strict NO pet policy (besides guide dogs), so you will have to leave your dog home for this one.

South Dakota

East Pierre Garden

Running since 1952, East Pierre Garden has seen a lot of plant history, and offers a wide range of options.

Vegetables, annuals, roses, and plants suited to the zone are all available here, and they also offer some heirloom seeds – meaning you can keep growing those plants year after year. 

Additionally, the center offers handmade pots to bring something truly unique to your home or garden!


Riverbend Nurseries

If you’d love to visit a butterfly garden at the same time as shopping for plants, Riverbend is the place for you.

It has a stunning exhibit with over 120 butterfly-friendly plants. It offers pots, seasonal items, mulch, all kinds of plants, and a lovely atmosphere.

You can get local plants, but also tropical and exotic options, so drop by if you’re looking for something more unusual.

Fernwood Garden Center

Family-owned, this center offers all the standard fare, plus landscaping services that include water fountain installation and tree planting.

It has a calm, relaxing atmosphere, and lots to do in every season. It sponsors many different groups, including sports groups and school bands, building a great community spirit.

It’s been in operation since 1992.


Calloway’s Nursery

For experts in landscape and design, look no further than Calloway’s, which provides extraordinarily beautiful designs.

It offers a huge range of options for shoppers, including birdhouses, pottery, shrubs, seeds, vines, trees, and more.

This is a garden center where creativity is given free rein, and the results are spectacular.

Walton’s Garden Center

If you are visiting the Dallas Arboretum, Walton’s is situated right across the street it, so it’s well worth going in and having a look if you are in the area.

Walton’s has been operating since 1986 and offers multiple services such as repotting and terrarium care, workshops on building terrariums, plant rescues, and a wide range of items to buy, Walton’s has something for everyone.

It sells fountains, pottery, grills, outdoor furniture, and many different kinds of plants.


Millcreek Gardens

With a 1-year return policy on plants that fail, you know you’ll be getting great quality at Millcreek Gardens, and this center offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.

There are various services on offer, such as pest control, and you can buy garden tools, soil conditioners, and a wide range of plants.

Glover Nursery

If a Hidden Garden Tour appeals, you might want to check out Glover Nursery, which offers a range of events throughout the year, alongside services such as weed identification, bug finders, and disease finders.

This nursery is family friendly and ideal for a day out, with turtles and koi and landscaped paths in Grandpa’s Garden.


Morning Star Flowers ; Trees

If you are after something a little special and unusual, this is the garden center to visit. It specializes in rare plants, and the trees are grafted by the owners to create unique options available nowhere else.

The fruit trees are particularly appealing, but you can also buy rare perennials, shrubs, and exotic woody plants. There are over 500 varieties at the garden center.


garden center

Merrifield Garden Center

Merrifield Garden Center has an amazing story. They’ve started out in 1971 in a small barn with less than an acre of plants.

Now they have 3 nurseries, one of which extends more than 40 acres and has an art store and a greenhouse. 

For high quality and enormous range, while still being a family-owned business, Merrifield is a perfect option. They provide a wide variety of products and services, plus events and seasonal gardening seminars.

Merrifield Garden Center is also dog friendly.


Ginkgo Gardens

Ginkgo is a very unusual place from the get go. It’s almost like entering a tropical forest in the middle of the busy city.

If you are an urban gardener, you will love Ginkgo, which is packed with plants intended for those gardening in limited spaces.

There are many different accessories and ornaments on offer, plus landscape design services and a good range of plants.

North Haven Gardens

For anyone who wants rare tropical plants and native options in one place, North Haven is a great choice. It has a lovely cafe and an excellent selection of plants, including wonderful roses.

It is more expensive than other options, but the quality is superb.

West Virginia

Nicky’s Garden Center

This center grows all its plants in its own greenhouses, so it’s a great option for cutting back on air miles. There’s a wonderful, atmospheric coffee shop, and the site runs workshops and classes. It also provides landscaping services, which include irrigation, mulching, lighting, and more.

There is plenty for kids to enjoy, and it’s a lovely place for a quiet day out.

Meadows Farm Nurseries

Whether you are looking for native plants, Japanese shrubs, groundcover, shady trees, or something else, you’ll find it here.

There are also products for organic gardening, and the surrounding town has lots to see and do, such as a historic ferry and a slow tube ride on the local river.


Bayside Garden Center

Bayside provides beautiful flower arrangements, outdoor plants, indoor plants, mulches, firewood, birdhouses, and more. It also has a mobile greenhouse that offers a range of products, so if the center itself isn’t convenient for you, check this out!

There are many events at the center, and it offers something for everyone at all times of the year.

Stoughton Garden Center

Stoughton Garden Center has been operating since 1864, making it one of the oldest plant nurseries in the US.

For a wide range of plants, shrubs, trees, and bushes, look no further than Stoughton. It offers all sorts of outdoor accessories, plus various kinds of grasses, gardening tools, birdbaths and houses, and more.

They are also pet friendly!


Sprouts Greenhouse

Established in 1978, Sprouts stocks many different plants, including succulents, houseplants, outdoor plants, trees, and more.

It sells pots and has extremely knowledgeable staff, so it’s a lovely place to go for a browse, and the superb organization makes it a dream to shop in.

Sweetwater Garden

If you are looking for a garden center that is open throughout the year, this is an ideal option for you, and rare in Wyoming. It has a good range and the staff is knowledgeable about all the challenges of gardening in this state. 

The center offers consultations and advice, and there’s a sister company that will assist with all kinds of landscaping.


Do All Garden Centers Sell Indoor Plants?

Yes, pretty much all garden centers will sell at least a few indoor plants, even if they specialize in outdoor plants. You may occasionally find a garden center that only sells outdoor plants, but this would be pretty rare.

How Do You Choose A Garden Center Plant?

Before picking up a plant in a garden center, always make sure that it is healthy. Firstly, inspect the plant’s new growth by checking that it has young leaves and flower buds (if it’s in the flowering season). Also, make sure that it doesn’t have any pests, by looking over and under the leaves.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you are located in the US, you can use the information in this article to find the garden centers that are perfect for you!

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener with two green thumbs or a newbie planting your first seed, you’ll find helpful, resourceful garden centers that stock a whole range of plants for you to grow.


Campbell Nursery

Canoyer Garden Center

Coppolas Garden Center

The Farm at Green Village

Petree Garden Center

Hicks Nurseries

Fair View Garden Center

Big Bloomers Flower Farm

Sheyenne Gardens

Garden Center Ohio

Tlc Garden

Garden World Online


Ashcombe Garden Center

Wild Woodri Garden Center

Woodley Garden Center

Flower Town Garden Center

East Pierre Garden Center

Fernwood Garden Center

Riverbend Nurseries

Waltons Garden Center

Calloways Center

Mill Creek Gardens

Glover Nursery

Morning Star Flowers 

Rocky Dale Gardens

Merrifield Garden Center

Ginkgo Gardens

Swansons Nursery

Nickys Garden Center

Meadows Farms Garden Center

Bay Side Garden Center

Sprouts Garden Center

Sweet Water Garden

Stoughton Garden Center

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