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Are houseplants really a hobby? hands taking care of haging houseplant

Are Houseplants Really A Hobby? (& How To Explain It!)

Houseplants are always increasing in popularity, and many people spend a lot of time on caring for their houseplants.

Even so, many people still don’t understand why you would keep houseplants. In this article I will tell you all about the houseplant hobby and how to explain it.

Are Houseplants Are Considered A Hobby Or Not:

Yes, keeping houseplants is considered a hobby, since a hobby is just an activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time for one’s enjoyment. Houseplants require care and attention, and many people enjoy talking to and tending to their plants in their spare time.

How To Explain Houseplants As A Hobby

Some people struggle to understand the point of houseplants, but they are very popular and make a lot of sense as a hobby.

There is an element of pride in keeping houseplants in beautiful condition and making them thrive, and they are certainly a great way to make your home feel more natural and soothing.

The houseplants hobby offers people an opportunity to nurture and care for something. The joy of keeping a plant alive and seeing it grow can be very relaxing, rewarding and is sometimes considered therapy.

Some young people who want to buy homes and have kids meet a lot of barriers on their way, so plants are often seen as a good alternative option, because they are accessible and some of them extremely easy to care for!

They are also easy to fit in around work and other commitments, because they do not require round-the-clock care. You can often leave a plant for several days unattended, which is not an option with pets, for example.

To sum it up, here are the arguments which can help you explain the houseplants hobby:

  • houseplants give you the opportunity to care for a living thing and see it grow.
  • people nowadays have many obstacles in having kids or even pets, houseplants can offer the joy of caring without any barriers of entry.
  • houseplants are very easy to practice as a hobby amongst other commitments in your busy life, you can leave them for days or weeks unnatended.
  • there is always something new to learn in the houseplants hobby.

What Is The Houseplant Hobby Called?

There is no specific term for the houseplant hobby, but it can be referred to as Biophilia, which is a word that describes the bond between people and nature, plants included. This refers to the idea that nurturing another living being brings the nurturer a sense of well-being and purpose.

The houseplant hobby can be extremely rewarding, especially for those who have no other caring duties (e.g. pets, children, dependents).

If you find that you lack purpose and motivation, it is well worth thinking about adopting a plant.

Are Houseplants A Good Hobby?

Yes, houseplants are a very good hobby for everyone, but especially for those who feel lonely or unhappy, because they bring a sense of companionship, purpose, and fellowship. They also make your home or office look beautiful.

It is thought that caring for plants can provide a great mental health boost, and something as simple as watering a plant can provide a sense of self-esteem and power.

Having the responsibility of caring for another living thing is very valuable.

No matter the level of care you provide to your plants, they can be a great hobby.

You might be amazed by how much there is to learn about plants and caring for them.

Every plant is unique and comes with individual challenges, so there is plenty to be discovered still.

Learning about your plants and the different kinds of care that they require is another aspect to this hobby, and it will give you a sense of pride.

Most people love to learn new things, and looking after plants is a great option.

Are Houseplants An Affordable Hobby?

This very much depends.

Houseplants can be very affordable to buy and keep if you choose the common, easy varieties, but they also can be very expensive if you want to own some of the more rare kinds of houseplants as they require special care and equipment.

Are houseplants really a hobby? plant cuttings

For a very tight budget, you may be able to even get free plants from people you know, as they are often given away. This is especially true of plants like spider plants, which reproduce baby plants in great quantities.

You will have to budget for some costs, however. For example, you will need to buy compost for the plant from time to time, and you may need to buy a larger container for it as it grows.

A bit of fertilizer might also be required.

Most other extras are unnecessary, except perhaps a plant mister, depending on the kind of plant you grow. Here’s an in-depth article about misting, how to do it properly and which plants need it the most.

In general, you can keep the costs of houseplants very low if you choose to, but you should budget for some small expenses.

However, if you choose rare varieties, plants that need special care and particular growing mediums, or specimens that need to be kept in tanks, you will end up paying quite a lot for your plants and the things that they require.

How To Do Houseplants As A Hobby

All you need to do to turn houseplants into a hobby is to keep a few varieties and look after them well. You might spend time reading up on plants. You might also try your hand at more practical skills, such as repotting, pruning, and watering them.

You don’t need to do much at all to make houseplants your hobby. Simply give them love, care, and attention.

Learn what they need, and provide it. You have your hobby!

As the plant hobby grew, people now have started taking up specialities, here are a few:

Rare Plants Hobby

Keeping rare plants is certainly a hobby, and one that many people are engaged with.

You might be amazed by the rarity and cost of some plants, but remember that you don’t have to dive into this immediately. Try something simple and cheap first.

Planting Plants Hobby

Some people are into just planting plants of helping to plant indoor and outdoor plants.

Watering Plants Hobby

Watering plants for you or others has also grown in popularity in the last years.

Watering your plants will be an important element of caring for them, but some people enjoy doing it exclusively. Supposedly, they see it as a mindless therapeutic activity, like looking out the window. It allows you to sit in quiet and think deeply about a subject.

Prunning Plants Hobby

Similar to watering or planting, prunning is generally a wider activity from the plant hobby, but some enjoy doing it exclusively as a therapeutic activity.

Collecting Plants Hobby

Plant collecting and swapping is a massive hobby. You can even collect in a certain family, like Succulents collection. There are even dedicated online groups for plant collecting.

What Do You Call People That Have Houseplants As Their Hobby?

There is no specific term for people who have houseplants as their hobby, but the term “plantsman” is occasionally used. There are several variations of this, such as “plantsperson” and “plantswoman,” but “plantsman” is considered gender neutral.

This really just suggests a person who loves or is obsessed with plants, but it is not very widely recognized, and may be applied to outdoor gardeners as well as houseplant-lovers.

Other recognized titles would be “botanist” and “horticulturist“, but both of these describe someone with a professional involvement with plants, rather than a person with a hobby.

How Many People Have Houseplants As Their Hobby?

It is hard to measure the numbers of people who count houseplants as a hobby, but over half of Americans have at least one houseplant. Around 66% of Americans own a plant, and could therefore count as people who have houseplants among their hobbies.

However, the number of Americans who would actually include “houseplant care” among their hobbies is probably much lower, partly because they only require small amounts of time.

Despite that, plants are extremely popular, and only growing in popularity.

Can Houseplants Be A Profitable Hobby?

Yes, the houseplants hobby can be a profitable one if you are fortunate enough to have a very rare houseplant. Cuttings from rare or unique houseplants demand a premium and are always in very high demand.

However, this is relatively rare, because these plants are in high demand and cost a lot to buy.

You can make a profit from your plants even if you don’t have rare ones.

Regularly taking cuttings from your main plant and selling these to friends, family, or even online is a good way to make a bit of money.

Some plants sell for surprising amounts per cutting – especially the more popular and unusual options.

Some good plants that can be sold as cuttings for a reasonable profit include:

  • Hoya Carnosa Compacta
  • Philodendron plants
  • Monstera Plants
  • Caladiums

Plants that very readily availble produce “pups” (young plants) that are rarely valuable enough to be worth selling online.

You can sell baby spider plants, aloe vera, etc., but often, they will not command a high price because they are so common and easy to get hold of.

Final Thoughts

Houseplants certainly do count as a hobby, and they are a very popular one.

If you want to grow houseplants in your home, you will find it a rewarding and pleasing hobby that helps to bring joy and satisfaction to your life.

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