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Our Personal Story

Hi, I am Diana, Houseplants Corner Co-founder and Author. 

I clearly remember the moment I was hooked on plants.

It was my first Wheat Growing project in school, at age 8. I’ve been growing plants in one shape or another ever since. 

It was destined, as I was born and raised into a family of plant aficionados.

My grandma owned and operated a flower shop called Magnolia thorough my childhood and late into my teenage years.

I started working summers at my grandma’s flower shop at the age of 12 and continued until I left for college at 18.

By that time I accumulated a lot of experience with houseplants but little did I know it was just the beginning.

As I am sure many can relate, moving away from family is HARD so, I went back to the only familiar things I had access to, plants.

One thing led to another and I found myself working part-time through my college years at another flower shop called Fleur.

Fleur was much bigger than our family-owned shop and it’s where I could see the fascinating world of plants on full display, it’s also where I met my future husband.

Of course, at the time, he was just “the client that couldn’t keep his Peace Lilly alive”.

Fast Forward to the present

Now we are married and I am glad to say my husband can keep any plant alive, in fact, he has caught the plant bug too. 

Our day jobs are very different, but plants still are such a big part of our lives and we’ve built a community around plants in our neighbourhood.

Right now we operate a small non-profit shop out of our garden.

Any passerby can take a houseplant and leave as much as they can afford.

We’ve recently used the funds to and organise a 1200 tree-planting effort in our small town, so generations to come also enjoy plants.

All of the knowledge I accumulated over the years, I aim to share with our readers through Houseplants Corner. 

And I am still learning:
The last course I took was about plant psychology, here’s is a very interesting article on plant psychology very few people are aware of: Do Plants Like Being Touched?

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