houseplants with aerial roots? orchid with aerial roots

10 Amazing Houseplants With Aerial Roots (With Pictures!)

Houseplants are becoming ever more popular in today’s world, and if you’re interested in the more unusual plants, you may have noticed that many of these have aerial roots. Aerial roots are relatively uncommon and can make plants very interesting. In this article, I will show you 10 houseplants that have aerial roots as well […]

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Are african violets indoor plants? purple African violet

Are African Violets Indoor Plants? (Explained!)

African violets are one of the most popular flowering plants in the world today, but are they indoor plants? Here’s a crazy fact for you: there are many more African violets grown in homes than left in their native habitat. In this article, we’ll answer if African violets are even considered indoor plants and tell […]

Are caladiums indoor plants? caladium red leaves

Are Caladiums Indoor Plants? (Explained For Beginners!)

Caladiums have been growing in popularity in the last couple of years and you are probably keen to grow them too. Firstly, it will save you a lot of frustration just by knowing if they are indoor or outdoor plants and if there is any chance you can grow them in your house. Are Caladiums […]

Are Begonias indoor plants? pink wax begonia flowers

Are Begonias Indoor Plants? (Explained For Beginners!)

Begonias have been grown for decades now and they never seem to go out of style. However, people forget to take into account if Begonias can be successfully grown indoors and what’s the effort behind it. In this article, I will tell you if Begonias are actually indoor plants and how you can make caring […]

red fish swiming among houseplants in fish tank

Houseplants & Fish Tanks: 14 Helpful Tips (For Beginners)

Have you ever considered putting houseplants inside your fish tank? If so, it is incredibly important you do research into which plants will thrive but also be good for the fish, before you seriously damage your fish or your plants. There are particular requirements you need to take into consideration. Here are 14 answers about […]

Are anthuriums indoor plants? red indoor anthurium plant

Are Anthuriums Indoor Plants? (Explained!)

Anthurium plants are very beautiful, and if you are here, you are probably keen to grow them. However, firstly you have to make sure they can be grown indoors successfully. In this article, I will tell you if Anthuriums make good indoor plants and give you all the tips in order to grow them successfully. […]

10 Best Large Indoor Plants For Beginners Large indoor plants sitting in the shade in living room

10 Best Large Indoor Plants For Beginners (With Pictures!)

We all want big lush plants, but when you are a beginner, large plants can look intimidating. You don’t even know where to start. Worry not, after reading this article, you will learn that you don’t have to stick with growing Succulents. Here are the 10 best large indoor plants for beginners, these plants will […]