How to make indoor plants leaves shine? red shiny indoor plant in plant pot

How To Make Indoor Plants Leaves Shine? (Without Chemicals!)

Anyone who has indoor plants has, at times, wondered how to increase or bring back the shine of their leaves. If you’re struggling with plants that look dusty and dull, you might be wondering how can I make my indoor plant leaves shine? A plant’s leaves are usually naturally shiny, and if they’re looking dull, […]

Is Urine Good for Houseplants? houseplant near white toilet

Is Urine Good For Houseplants? Explained For Humans & Pets!

If you’re looking at ways to fertilize your houseplants, you might be wondering whether urine is a good idea, and what kind of urine you should use if you’re going to use it. There can be some dire consequences to it, so make sure you do your homework before using urine on random plants around […]